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SAREGA Music–School of Fine Arts is celebrating the 8th Annual Celebrations on June 27, 2009.

On this 8th year celebration, it is marking its anniversary by releasing the First MUSIC CD, composed by 8 Students: Tharish, Tharshan, Sahithya, Vithyayini, Steve, Thibisan, Kavya & Kosiga. These students have been very dedicated Keyboard Players, Music Graduates & Music Composers.

6 out of these 8 Students, composed one song each for the ‘Own Composition Talent Show’ and emerged as the youngest music composers of SAREGA Music, on the 7th Anniversary last year.

The release of this Music CD brings more opportunities and is an immense achievement for these Students and SaReGa Music. This CD marks a stepping stone for other students of SAREGA Music
to accomplish many more endeavors.

These songs are professionally recorded and sung by cine fame singers: Krish & Chinmayi, along with the ‘Super Singers Juniors’ Krishnamurthy, Aishwarya, Suchithra & Vignesh., who are under 19 years of age like the Student Composers.

One song is composed by NewYork-Raja, the music teacher of SAREGA Music, is sung by 8 popular singers in the Greater Toronto Area: Hari Bhaskar, Senthooran Azhagaiyya, Sivakumar, Parthiban, Hemant, Vakeesan, Saiesan and NewYork-Raja.

In the last 8 years, the students have performed for the Radio & TV shows and for the visiting Music Composers MS Viswanathan, Deva & his brothers. In the year 2007, Padmashree P. Susheela. performed with 11 selected students as solo keyboard players, playing multiple keyboards.

As a successful music teacher, NewYork-Raja, has set standards for the students. Every year, the student’s exams are conducted by recording their performances, which are evaluated by qualified and trained music graduates of the school and also by popular musicians in the Greater Toronto Area. Famous Music Composers Bharathwaj, Ramesh Vinayagam & Singer Krish from Chennai have sent their expert opinion on the students best talent show performances in the last 3 years.